Career Lanes

Career Lanes

At Distinctive Schools we understand that professional growth and advancement are important considerations when making a career decision. We encourage Distinctive staff to navigate ‘what is next’ in their career journey and to grow with us.

For our campus instructional roles, we have developed a job framework that helps you to map out potential pathways. 

In addition to identifying your Distinctive pathway, we support advancement through:

  • Early release days every Wednesday for staff professional development

  • Mentorship and coaching

  • Network wide trainings

  • Tuition reimbursement/assistance

School Director

Resident Teacher - starting at $20K

Resident Teachers will work closely with the assigned teacher to plan lessons, provide instruction, and to support the overall academic and social-emotional growth and development of the students. The role is designed to build one’s readiness to lead their own classroom.

Assistant Director

Teachers - starting at $55K

Teachers have a laser focus on instruction that engages learners and provides multiple opportunities for application of learned content. Build classroom communities with strong routines, rituals, and management practices that maximize time for instruction. At Distinctive, teachers grow through cycles of practice, feedback, practice, and feedback. 

Instructional Coach

Mentor Teachers - starting at $60,500

In addition to providing high-quality instruction in their own classroom, Mentor Teachers provide resources and support to teachers new to the profession and/or new to DS. They ensure fidelity of the DS Model and support student-driven goals, data analysis, and instructional planning.

Mentor Teacher

Instructional Coaches - starting at $66K

​Coaches are exemplary educators who play a critical role in building teacher capacity and their understanding of best instructional practices resulting in positive gains in student growth and achievement.

Career Teacher

Assistant Principals - starting at $75K

Assistant Principals Support and foster the development of teachers and instructional coaches, and support school-wide academic and social and emotional learning. Role is focused on collaboration and growth in order to achieve campus and network goals.

Resident Teacher

Principals - starting at $100K

As the instructional and operational leader of a Distinctive Schools campus, School Principals supervise and maintain all campus functions including school budgets, staffing decisions, and family communication.  A School Principal also develops and executes the campus vision and school improvement efforts. The Principal is deeply committed to and leads the campus  in instructional leadership; teacher coaching and evaluation; school culture, and family partnership.