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Journeys to Personalized Learning

Journeys to Personalized Learning

This case study documents the story of how one school laid the foundation, developed a plan, piloted their innovative ideas, refined & implemented their methods, and transformed the student experience. Read about the Journey to Personalized Learning at CICS West Belden, and learn more about how to adopt personalized learning approaches!

This journey was the result of incredible collaboration, and we are grateful for the support from all of our partners. We would like to thank all who assisted in the creation of this case study, especially: FSG, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, LEAP Innovations, Chicago International Charter School, The Chicago Public Education Fund, Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC), Summit Public Schools, and The Learning Accelerator. 

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Case Study: Summit Learning Boosts Distinctive Schools’ Student Growth

By: Katie McNeil | March 26, 2018

When faculty at Distinctive Schools sought a personalized learning program to boost student achievement they turned to Summit Learning because of its focus on project-based learning and mentoring...   

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Innovative Staffing to Personalize Learning: How new teaching roles and blended learning help students succeed

Innovative Staffing to Personalize Learning: How new teaching roles and blended learning help students succeed

By: Christensen Institute & Public lmpact | May 24, 2018

CICS West Belden focuses on ensuring that all students receive consistent, high-quality instruction through a combination of small-group instruction, online learning, and four main teaching roles: instructional coach, mentor teacher, career teacher, and resident teacher.