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Distinctive Schools Strategic Plan Visual Graphic _ Camera Lens with strategies outlined


Distinctive Schools engaged in a comprehensive strategic planning process to guide its work and to position the organization for successful scaling and growth over the next five years. A diverse stakeholder group contributed to the development of the plan, which frames our work and ensures that all members of our Distinctive Schools team are pointing in the same direction as we innovate and incubate creative ideas for a reimagined public school experience.

The core objectives and strategies guide our planning, development, and collective efforts to achieve specific results and to reach our mission and vision for the future. The strategic plan has strengthened our organizational identity and provides the guidance and direction that allows for campus autonomy, innovation, and trailblazing.  All campus plans are aligned to the Distinctive Schools Strategic Plan, and school-based efforts, which reflect their local contexts, complement and enhance the work of the network. 

Geometric Pattern Graphic with Distinctive Schools logo


Strategy 1: Learner Agency & Social Emotional Learning – download here:

Strategy 2: Student Centered Design– download here:

Strategy 3: Rigor & Relevance (Deeper Learning) – download here:

Geometric Pattern Graphic with Distinctive Schools logo


Strategy 4: Identity & Sustainability – download here:

Strategy 5: Culture – download here:

Strategy 6: Partnerships – download here: