Distinctive Schools: It's Time to Celebrate!

Distinctive Schools Chicago campuses are celebrating! Art In Motion, CICS Bucktown, CICS Irving Park, CICS Lloyd Bond, CICS Loomis, CICS Longwood, and CICS Prairie have achieved increases in their Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) scores, and are designated Commendable!

ISBE scores are an annual summative designation on the Illinois Report Card that each school receives. Summative Designations are annual designations that meaningfully differentiate school performance based on all elements of a state’s accountability system, based on the school’s overall data, and the data for each student group, for all of the accountability indicators. 

“We believe in placing our students, educators, and leaders in the driver’s seat of their learning –  Distinctive School has always been designed by, with, and for the unique communities we serve, and we’re making strategic investments to meet the needs of all learners,” Scott Frauenheim, CEO of Distinctive Schools shared. “Our commitment to student learning, continuous improvement, and a sense of belonging is the driving force for this growth – it’s written in our strategic plan, and lived out in our campuses every day.” 

Last Fall, Distinctive Schools launched a new strategic plan that articulated our commitments to our schools and students in the coming years. In service of student learning, the Distinctive Schools strategic plan prioritizes continuous improvement, learning acceleration for all students, and supporting a deep sense of belonging. 

This year, we’ve provided new opportunities for teacher collaboration and professional development, including new resources and tools to support growth and achievement  in literacy and math. We continue to invest in our teachers and school staff, expanding the support of instructional coaches, social workers, diverse learner supports and more, in order to meet the needs of all students. In response to data, we have elevated the voice of our students through Learner Advisory groups. Our Community Hubs have offered meaningful programming, support, and enrichment opportunities for students and families across our ten campuses.

The growth and achievement in Math and ELA on the IAR test, combined with the improvement in student attendance is a direct result of the dedication and commitment of our leaders, educators, learners, and the entire community that supports our vision. While we recognize there is still important work to do, these achievements are reflective of the hard work and determination put forth by everyone involved. Congratulations to our students, staff, and families – we are so proud of your accomplishments!