Angela Lee, Art In Motion

Angela Lee, School Social Worker for Art in Motion, was featured in this month's edition of Helpful Living Magazine, a publication designed to help readers understand mental health.
In this spread, Angela discusses her work at AIM, “our students’ mental health is truly a priority at AIM," she says. "Our goal is to always convey the message that we understand that if a student’s emotional, psychological, and/or social well-being is compromised, it makes learning challenging. We provide continued resources within our Social Emotional Learning Framework to address these areas of needs.”
“AIM differs from various educational institutions through Distinctive Schools’ highly personalized model of instruction and support, our students develop a strong sense of agency and confidence and consistently exceed national norms on both growth and attainment targets.”

Read about the ways Social Emotional Learning is being implemented at AIM. Angela discussed Move This World, the peace room, SELweb, Communities in Schools, mentorship, restorative justice and of course social work and counseling! We are so proud of all the great work happening at AIM and we are so grateful for Angela's guidance and leadership.

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