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We are proud to have taken part in this SEL Case Study through xSEL Labs! In alignment with our focus on Mental Health and Wellness across our network, we began implementation of the Move This World Social Emotional Learning curriculum in the 2020-2021 school year!  Move this World curriculum is centered on interactive videos, movement, creative expression, and SELweb, a web-based measure of key social-emotional skills associated with success in school and life. Here are some highlights from the case study, check out the full document here

Despite challenges posed by the COVID 19 pandemic and remote learning, assessment data showed that students maintained their SEL skills throughout the year. "SELweb provides quantitative data to guide teams in designing supports for students. It allows teachers at a classroom and small group level to layer additional SEL aligned lessons to strengthen specific SEL competencies," said Sarah Schielke Payne, Regional MTSS Manager

We are now in our second year of SEL implementation. Our key goals moving forward in this work are to see decreases in discipline incidents, increases in family engagement, higher attendance rates, higher high school graduation rates, and strong culture and relationships in the coming years. 

We have seen the positive impact Social Emotional Learning curriculum has on our students' lives inside and outside of the classroom. We are invigorated by these positive results and excited to continue this important work!

Thank you to xSEL Labs for supporting us in tracking our success and setting goals for the future!