Welcome, Dr. Derrick Harrison!

Dr. Derrick Harrison has been offered and accepted the Plymouth Educational Center Principal role! 

Dr. Harrison joins Distinctive Schools after having served as an Assistant Principal of a high-impact, high capacity, 9-12, High School in the Bronx. He holds a Doctorate in Education Leadership, is an Ivy League graduate, and a graduate of the New York City Department of Education schools. Dr. Harrison has a B.A. in English, an M.S. in Mathematics Education and a Doctorate in Education Leadership; as a teacher, he ranked in the top 94th percentile. He is passionate about leadership development, mentoring, coaching, and continued education. The wealth of knowledge he brings, paired with his commitment to access and equity will be an asset to the PEC community.

Dr. Harrison shared, “I believe that through education and true investment in our children and staff, we have the opportunity to close the wealth and opportunity gap. In joining the Plymouth Educational Center team, I am excited about the possibilities for the community and the future.” 

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Harrison to Distinctive Schools! Learn more about Dr. Harrison on the PEC website.