CICS Bucktown Staff

Thank you, Education Week for this great article! Principal Sarah O'Connell and Assistant Principal of Curriculum & Instruction, Kristin Eng were interviewed and shared some of their strategies for what works at CICS Bucktown

Sarah O'Connell shares, “Kristin and I were both teachers; it’s something we empathize with, and we know it could be hard coming back, with the pandemic. We want to start fresh. We want a brand new year and [we want] to be optimistic about what’s ahead. It is really nice when things look organized, and things are looking really good, and you have the resources that you need.”

At Distinctive Schools, we pride ourselves on having a model that is built by, for, and with teachers. Our teachers are the ones in the classroom every day making connections and building impactful relationships with our students. We want our schools to be the most positive places they can be for our staff and students alike. 

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